About the Wingaersheek Beach and Tennis Club

This club was initially started in 1971 and has been dedicated ever since to providing various activities intended to educate and provide social interaction for WIA (Wingaersheek Improvement Association) families living in the private Bayle, Waterman, Davis, Hawkes, Sandy Way and Upper beach areas that border Coffin's beach and the Essex river.

In 2019 we changed the club name from The Wingaersheek Yacht club to reflect the diversity in activities we will be offering.

We are a charitable tax exempt, limited liability corporation dedicated to educational and community-building activities.

We are an all volunteer organization. The reasonable membership fee covers our basic costs for insurance, maintenance, our web site, and promotion. Our activities fees cover our instruction and other specific costs . We will also have
some events that will be fund raisers.

Wingaersheek/Coffins Beach circa 1880